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Harvard Sports Creates Your Own Tour Inclusions

Travel with your team on a fully customized tour that is designed to fit your vision of a 'dream tour.'

Harvard Sports is known for it's balanced tours and will work with you to develop your ideal tour program. Play as much or as little as you like, including a lot of sightseeing options, or give your team the freedom of free time for individual discovery.

We take pride in expertly matching opposing teams to provide the best competition for your team, and will help you prepare with excellent training facilities and professional training sessions with fully licensed clinicians.

With our 22 worldwide offices, you have an amazing choice of where to travel and what to do. If they play Field Hockey, we'll take you there!

England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland

Fly to London and spend a few nights in the English capital taking in all the major sites, including the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square.

Travel west to Wales, and explore historic Bath and the Welsh capital Cardiff, before crossing the Irish Sea.

Experience the splendour and magnificence of the traditional west of Ireland, then return to the United States from Shannon

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Holland, Belgium and Germany

Fly to Brussels and enjoy a tour of the Belgian capital, then travel to southeastern Holland and check in to your hotel in Sittard or Valkenburg, both just minutes from both the German and Belgian borders.

Take the opportunity to visit Liege (Belgium), Maastricht (Holland), Aachen and Cologne (Germany). Enjoy a team bonding day with an Adventure Day in the Valkenburg Caves, take a cruise on the River Rhine, and maybe visit the Mayschoss Winery.

You may also choose to spend a couple of nights near the Dutch Capital Amsterdam, where you can enjoy a guided bicycle tour, canal cruise, visit the Anne Frank House and much more

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Want some high quality field hockey? Travel to the home of the Women's World Champions - Argentina.

Fly to the capital, Buenos Aires, and begin the tour discovering the 'Paris of South America.' Take a city tour, a cruise on the famous De La Plata River Delta, and maybe take in an evening of traditional entertainment at a Tango show.

Complete the tour in Argentina's premier beach resort, Mar del Plata, which is especially enjoyable if you are traveling during the Holidays or Spring Break - it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere!

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Head down under to Australia (and maybe New Zealand too!) for the experience of a lifetime.

Visit Sydney with its famous Harbour Bridge and Opera House, and take in 'The Rock' home of Australia's first settlement.

Travel to the Gold Coast and enjoy surfing lessons, a trip to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, take the 'Great Aussie Challenge' and compete in a 'Aussie Iron Man.'

Finish the tour in Cairns, home to both the Great Barrier Reef and Aussie Rainforrest

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Combine Field Hockey and leisure in a fantastic trip to the Caribbean island of Barbados.

Take time to enjoy the remarkable beach and Caribbean Sea, take an island tour in a custom converted 4x4, relax on a private catamaran cruise, do a little Tax Free shopping in the capital Bridgetown, and enjoy local entertaiment and beach parties

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